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Cloud 9 Luxury Spa

Advanced Treatments

These treatments are created by the Owner Kayla Larsen, and are targeted to treat a specific issue through potent active ingredients and technique.


Dermaplaning is an exfoliative technique that uses the edge of a scalpel moved at an angle superficially along the surface of the skin to smooth and exfoliate the surface and to remove fine hairs.

Eczema Treatment

This treatment will exfoliate, and hydrate your skin to relieve the dry itchy feeling eczema gives you in certain areas. You'll leave this treatment feeling refreshed and hydrated. A topic dermatitis is a very uncomfortable dermatological issue and you do not need to deal with it by yourself. * this treatment is $35 per area*

Blackhead Removal Treatment

Are your pores clogged? Do you have little black spots all over your face ? then this treatment is for you! The BT-Micro by Bio therapeutics is used for this amazing treatment. Also includes is a Charcoal Hydro jelly Mask by Esthemax! This will help prevent more blackheads in the future.