All About Lash Extensions

November 24, 2020
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Beautician and young woman in a beauty salon with eye lash extension

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram, you will have most likely seen some amazing “before and after” shots of ladies who have invested in eyelash extensions. Seeing those pictures is enough to make you want to call your local salon and book an appointment. Who knew you could achieve long, dark lashes every day without even having to put on any makeup.

It’s tempting, but before you pick up the phone, you’ll want to ensure you know all about it, just as you would for any treatment. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of lash extensions. 

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are similar to fake eyelashes affixed on your natural eyelashes to give it added length all while looking natural. However, eyelash extensions are not applied the same way as fake eyelashes that you can peel off easily. Extensions are bits of synthetic hairs that are glued to your natural lashes to extend its length.

Eyelash extensions are among the most popular types of beauty practices today and make for a convenient and natural-looking option.

Lash Extensions: The Good  

  • Undeniably Enhanced Appearance: To start, eyelash extensions look amazing and let you wake up looking fabulous every single day, mascara? What’s that? Not to mention, eyelash extensions will give you a much more natural look than fake eyelashes.

  • Customizable Options: When it comes to eyelash extensions, there are a variety of looks you can choose from. You can choose the length, fullness, the color, volume, and shape of your eyelash extensions to best match your aesthetic choice.

  • Fabulous Look, Minimal Effort – Simplify your makeup routine and forget about having to wake up early to do your makeup before heading out the door. Eyelash extensions will give you the perfect no-makeup makeup look you’re looking for.

  • Instantly Gratifying: Lash extensions deliver the gorgeous lashes you want with just one appointment.

  • They can last for months and beyond: With regular fills and maintenance, your overall lash extensions can last for long periods of time. 

Lash Extensions: The Cons 

  • High Maintenance: Your lashes will need extra attention to look good between fillings, such as avoiding mascara and oil-based cleansers. However, if you’re willing to put in the work to maintain them, these can be the perfect investment for you.

  • Regular Touch Ups: After your initial set of eyelash extensions, you will receive instructions to care for them. Fills are required every couple of weeks, depending on care and how quickly your lashes grow.

  • Keep Your Lashes Dry for 48 Hours: It’s essential to minimize the chance of wetting the extensions for the first 48 hours of wear, which means no water, steam, or facials around the eyes. 

Get The Best Lashes In Kenosha 

There’s no doubt lash extensions require regular maintenance and work to look and stay good. However, the results are well worth the work. Are you located in the greater Kenosha area and looking for the ultimate in eyelash extensions? Look no further than Cloud 9 Luxury Spa. As expert eyelash specialists, we know what long lashes can do for your look.