All You Need To Know About Chemical Peels

December 21, 2020
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One of the best ways to get rid of acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles is by investing in a chemical peel every so often. We know, the thought of a chemical peel for someone who doesn’t know much about them can elicit ideas of skin melting off your face. 

That’s why we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about chemical peels and why you should indulge in these treatments, trust us, your skin will thank you. 

What Is a Chemical Peel? 

A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back is smoother. With a light or medium peel, you may need to undergo the procedure more than once to get the desired results. Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin, and scars – usually on the face. 

They can be done at different depths from light to deep. A light chemical peel will improve the skin texture and lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles. A medium chemical peel will result in noticeably smoother skin, and a deeper chemical peel will offer more dramatic results. 

Benefits of Chemical Peel

Chemical peels offer an array of benefits such as:


  • Peels can make your skin care products work better: Acid lifts away dead skin cells and triggers an effective chan reaction. The topmost layer of the skin is shed, signaling the living cells below to multiply and move up to increase collagen production. Your skin-care products perform better after a peel as there are no dead skin cells in the way.


  • They’re low-risk: As mentioned, you can get chemical peels in different depths. They are safe to use on every skin color without any risk of hyperpigmentation.


  • The right peel can end acne and soften scars: Certain acid peels dive deep into the skin to unclog pores while also skimming the surface to erode blackheads and fade post-pimple marks.


  • Controls Melasma: Sun triggered dark patches can be helped by a chemical peel and of course, SPF. 

Treat Your Skin With Cloud 9 Luxury Spa

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