Everything You Need to Know About Cryo Body Sculpting

October 14, 2020
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Everything You Need to Know About Cryo Body Sculpting

Thanks to new and advanced technologies, it’s now possible to reduce stubborn fat and cellulite and improve body contours without going under the knife. Non-surgical fat reduction is a minimally invasive treatment that selectively breaks down fat cells to reduce fat deposits that sit beneath the skin but above the muscle.

Cryo Body Sculpting is a convenient and effective way to get rid of stubborn fat. Keep reading to learn about what to expect from cry body sculpting, what you can achieve, and how effective the process is.

How Does Cryo Body Sculpting Work?

When you work hard to lose weight, it can be disappointing to have extra skin and stubborn fat that needs to be toned and shaped. With cryo body sculpting, you’re able to get the contour and shape you desire.

Cryo body sculpting is a non-invasive procedure that uses sub-zero temperatures to destroy clingy body fat. It focuses on the lymphatic system to drain and eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite naturally.

When the fat cells are exposed to temperatures slightly above freezing, the fat cells can die off while the surrounding tissues remain unharmed. Your therapist will use a coupling gel and cryo skin machine to cool your skin to a controlled temperature.

Following the procedure, you can continue with your day as you usually would, not to mention this safe and non-invasive procedure requires no preparation or work from you ahead of time.

Problem Areas Addressed By Cryo Body Sculpting 

Cryo body sculpting treatment can be effectively done on the following areas of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper Arms
  • Legs
  • Underneath the Chin

Why It’s Effective

The targeted cold treatment destroys the targeted fat cells, ultimately reducing the fat layer’s thickness and offering indefinite results. To date, there have been more than eight million Cryo body sculpting treatments performed worldwide.

Unlike liposuction, which can require anesthesia and comes with bleeding or severe infection risks, the Cryo body sculpting procedure is non-invasive, safe, minimally painful, and has no recovery period.

Cryo Body Sculpting Treatment In Kenosha 

If you’re in search of cryo body sculpting in Kenosha, the team at Cloud 9 Luxury Spa can help you achieve your body goals. At Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, we are proud to offer a non-surgical approach to fat reduction using the cryo body sculpting procedure. This revolutionary treatment targets fat cells and enable your body to naturally and completely break them down.

If you live in the Kenosha area, give Cloud 9 Luxury Spa a call to schedule a cryo body sculpting treatment. Losing fat has never been so easy.