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In a Rush? Express Facials Are The Solution For You

With the daily hustle and bustle that life brings upon us, finding time to take care of ourselves can seem next to impossible. Running errands, taking care of the kids, managing a career, and the list goes on.

It can get overwhelming, but self-care should not be compromised. Frequently we avoid visiting the spa due to the time it requires; however, there are solutions for people like you!

If you’re short on time and your skin needs an extra boost from sleepless nights or lack of care, you can benefit from Cloud 9 Luxury Spa express facial. It’s a perfect pick-me-up facial treatment for when you’re on the go in Kenosha.

Why The Express Facial May Be Perfect For You

The express facial is a true spa essential for anyone in desperate need of skincare love but short on time needed for a full facial. Many clients visiting Cloud 9 Luxury Spa find the express facial to be the perfect spa facial treatment as it helps rejuvenate dehydrated and tired skin and helps bring a glow to their complexion.

At Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, clients can enjoy a full custom facial tailored to their skin type with an extra fifteen minutes of massage on the neck and shoulders. One of our expert skin technicians will start by cleansing the face, lightly exfoliate the skin to encourage regeneration of new skin cells, apply a soothing mask, and gently massage the face to increase the flow of oxygen.

You will feel relaxed in a short amount of time, and your skin will look refreshed and rejuvenated.

About Cloud 9 Luxury Spa

At Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, we pride ourselves on providing the highest skincare quality at an affordable price. Clients can benefit from personalized and customized treatment to ensure they leave the spa completely satisfied and relaxed.

Kayla Larsen opened Cloud 9 Luxury Spa in December 2019. Born and raised in Kenosha, she received her esthetician degree in May 2019 from Aveda’s The Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee. For Kayla, skincare is a passion, not a job. She loves making people feel beautiful in their skin.

Get an Express Facial While On The Go Today

We understand life can get hectic, and finding time for yourself can seem like an impossible task. Our express facial is perfect for those on the go looking to get a little pick-me-up and head back to their daily lives right after.

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