Get Glowing and Youthful Skin With a Hydrating Facial

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you might not even be thinking about what your skins will look like when you’re older. But the truth is, your skin changes as you age, and taking care of your complexion now with the right routine is the secret to knowing how to look younger in the future.

You could suffer from a loss of moisture down the line, which can leave your skin feeling dry, or you may deal with visible signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots. 

At Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, our facials are the ultimate anti-aging treatment to help your skin look youthful and glowing. Our experts will address all your skincare concerns and give you the tools to keep rocking the beautiful glow at home. 


Hydrating Facial

Our hydrating facial will help you nourish your skin layers that have become dehydrated, dry, and flakey. It also promotes renewal and healing through skin exfoliation. This means that the top layer of old, dead skin will be gently removed from your face to reveal youthful, vibrant, and hydrated skin underneath. 

Two different intense hydration masks will be applied during this service, and you will be spoiled with a face massage.

Benefits of Our Hydrating Facial

Packed with water-rich properties, a hydrating facial does an excellent job at restoring water content to your skin, especially in cold climates. Winter air contains low humidity, meaning it carries little to no moisture. This can quickly dry out the skin, causing your skin to become less radiant, less smooth, and easily irritated. 

A hydrating facial at Cloud 9 Luxury Spa can give you: 

  • Brighter skin: The hydrating serum is what makes your skin appear brighter and more radiant. The serum is a treatment cream or oil high in nutrients and vitamins to make the skin healthy. Its advanced formula regulates moisture levels and improves skin, maintaining a healthy balance of water content and improving water circulation within the skin.
  • Even skin tone and texture: An exfoliant, especially one with hydrating benefits, removes dead skin cells from the skin without stripping out the oil and moisture. Any bumps, dry patches, and uneven skin tone are smoothed away.
  • Smooth and soft skin:  A hydrated skin is smooth and soft to the touch. A hydrating moisturizer helps to prevent water loss in the skin, giving you that baby bottom touch. It is always important to moisturize your skin. 

    Get a Hydrating Facial In Kenosha

    If you’re looking to get a hydrating facial in Kenosha, Cloud 9 Luxury Spa is the place for you. We are dedicated to the highest quality of skincare services at an affordable price.  

    We have a team of experts to ensure your visit to Cloud 9 Luxury Spa is a memorable experience. To best serve our clients, we have various packages and flexible payment options for any budget.