Is Cryo Body Sculpting Permanent?

July 15, 2021
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Is Cryo Body Sculpting Permanent?

The Cryo body sculpting treatment is a non-invasive technological process that naturally helps your body break down fat cells. This process works with high and low temperatures almost above freezing point that kills fat cells. After having this effective treatment, your body will naturally eliminate the destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system.

Session Process

Every cryo body sculpting session has a 28-minute lasting time. During the session process, high and low temperatures and massage techniques are used to ensure the best possible results. 

How Long the Results Last 

A cryo body sculpting treatment consists of a few sessions throughout a specific period of time. Results may appear after the first session, depending on their body’s reaction. Some people tend to see significant results a few weeks after having the treatment. Results can be noticed better after around 15 days to 3 weeks. In many cases, final results can still be noticed three months after the treatment is completed.

Also, results may vary depending on the lifestyle and diet of the individual; it is noted that a person can still gain weight after the treatment if not having the right food intake. It is recommended that after having the cryo treatment, the individual may need to adhere to a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain and keep improving its body goals.

How Often Can I Go Under This Treatment?

As a non-invasive procedure, a cryo body sculpting treatment consists of at least five treatments spaced two weeks apart. The number of sessions may vary depending on each individual’s body due to the goals and fat percentage. It is also recommended to have from 2 to 6 sessions every 12 months after the end of the treatment to maintain the best possible results.

It is important to have two weeks or at least 12 days in between sessions. Your body requires that specific amount of time to expose and eliminate dead fat cells through your lymphatic system before having the other session.

Cryo Body Sculpting Treatment Made By Professionals 

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