Luxury Rejuvenating Facials in Kenosha

If you’re looking to kick back and relax, Cloud 9 Luxury Spa has the perfect solution for you. At Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, you will find the most sought-after beauty treatments and a diverse range of facials to give you the glow you’re looking for. The focus is centered on the highest quality of customer service. 

Clients can enjoy a diverse range of services at a five-star experience reflective of Kayla Larson, owner of Cloud 9 Luxury Spa. For Kayla, skincare is a passion, not a job. When you visit Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, you’ll leave looking refreshed and rejuvenated. 


Our Facials 

At Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, we offer an array of facial services for every need. Our facials consist of a skin treatment that cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns with a custom mask. Included with all facial services is also a relaxing massage. The process is meant to rejuvenate and nourish faces, making skin appear healthier and younger. 

Listed are a few of many facial services you can choose from.  

  • Hydrating Facial: This facial will help nourish your skin layers that have become dehydrated, dry, and flaky. It promotes renewal and healing through skin exfoliation.  
  • Acne Focused Facial: Using dermatology-tested ingredients and high frequency, this facial treatment will help clear your skin without over-drying and irritating effects. Particular focus will be placed on skin exfoliation and redness reduction to correct and prevent future blemishes. 
  • Stress Relief Facial: Clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress, these services combine the power of Swedish and deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, and our infused stress-fix aroma, which is infused with organic french lavender, lavender, and clary sage. 
  • Anti-Aging Facial: This non-invasive microcurrent technology improves circulation to your face, stimulates the production of collagen, improves tone and texture, and helps eliminate fine lines.  
  • Vitamin C Facial: Our new Vitamin C facial is designed for all skin types, but it addresses explicitly brightness and anti-aging. It features Aveda professional Vitamin C complex and two powerful massage techniques that soften and loosen connective tissue.

Beauty and Relaxation Await You 

If you are looking for a luxury spa in Kenosha, Cloud 9 Luxury Spa is dedicated to providing the highest quality skincare at an affordable price. If you’re in need of a luxurious facial, Cloud 9 Luxury Spa offers an array of treatments designed for every need. When you visit the spa, you will be welcomed as part of our family, and feel right at home.